Growing Tomato

Growing Tomato Growing Tomato

Growing Tomato

When you start to growing tomato plants it is a lot easier than you think. Once you have grown your own tomatoes you will never be satisfied with the ones you buy in a grocery stores. Your own tomatoes will taste so much better. Tomatoes can be grown inside, or outside, in containers, pots, or raised beds.

You will need some sort of light source to growing tomato plants indoors. The plants need to be placed in a bright window where they will get plenty of sun, or the plants can be put under artificial lighting, such as under florescent bulbs.

Grow Tomato – Starting from Seeds

Some people prefer to growing tomato plants starting with the seeds. The seeds should be planted in sterile potting soil. Find a shallow tray or pan and pour some of the potting soil up to about 3 inches, so the plant can have room for roots. With your finger, stick, or pencil, make several rows from one end of the tray to the other, about one-quarter inch deep. Sow the seeds in the furrows about one inch apart. Cover the seeds with the potting soil, and then water the soil until it is moist.

Place the tray in a nice warm spot for germinating. Once the seedlings have germinated, it will take about three weeks for them to produce their second set of leaves. It will then be time to transplant them into their permanent home, either pots, containers or out in the garden.

Grow Tomato – Staking Your Plants

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Keep them moist, and when they have grown up to the point of toppling over, they will need to be supported by tying them to a stake. You can buy special twine for staking, or you can rip narrow strips from cotton.

Once they have blossomed the fruit will begin to appear, and soon they will grow larger, and turn red and ready to eat. Growing tomato for your own table is very satisfying.

The best tomatoes for growing on your patio, or in a pot inside your home are the little cherry tomatoes, or grape tomatoes. These varieties are wonderful in salads, or just popping them in your mouth.

Larger tomatoes, such as Beef Steak, are best grown in raised beds, or large containers, or in a regular garden. These tomatoes are wonderful sliced for sandwiches, or for salads. Tomatoes are good for salsa, putting up, such as canning or freezing, and you can even dry the little ones. Sauces for pasta is a favorite, as well as many other uses.

Growing tomato plants is a very satisfying hobby for the home gardener, with many varieties to choose from. There are of course red tomatoes, but there are also orange, and yellow tomatoes, as well as the cherry and grape tomatoes.  You can start to growing tomato plants in spring and enjoy fresh tomatoes with your sandwich during the summer time.

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